Shane Cannon Coolbaugh

Communications Specialist


My name is Shane Cannon Coolbaugh. I am a Communications Specialist and an Undergraduate Student majoring in Leadership and Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, and I will graduate in May 2024. I live in the City of York, Pennsylvania, with my husband, Jason Coolbaugh, our two chihuahuas, Chloe, and her baby Oreo Cookie, our cat, Chester, and my mother-in-law, Marilyn Sue.

My goal as a Communications Specialist is to assist brands in telling their story, expanding their audience, and increasing their customer engagement to improve their bottom line.

I currently work for a restaurant franchisee, TICC, INC., which operates five locations of Friendly’s Restaurants in Lancaster, Harrisburg, and York. I create social media content and advertising campaigns.

Beyond the restaurant industry, I recently served as Dr. Judith Higgins’s Campaign Manager for her 2022 bid for Pennsylvania Senate. In this role, I managed every aspect of the political campaign.

I wrote the platform and laid out the strategy. I oversaw the field operations, working closely with the PA Dems coordinated campaign and building our volunteer base to spread our message. I created a multi-channel advertising campaign that accumulated over 750,000 impressions. I was responsible for building the creative team consisting of a videographer, photographer, and graphic designer and creating accounts with advertising companies.

Unfortunately, Dr. Higgins did not win her race. We knew that the voter registration numbers were not in our favor. However, we successfully challenged an incumbent, held her accountable, and fought hard to protect reproductive rights in Pennsylvania.

My experience is diverse, and I seek new opportunities to help others grow through strategic communication. If you’re looking for a new way to reach your audience — let’s chat!